LocalTheatreNY.com relaunches as LocalTheatreUSA.com

Dear readers...We’re back.

It’s been a strange, scary last few months, and quite frankly, we knew early in March that the game-plan was going to have changes unlike anything we’ve seen to date.

When you have a theatre business and suddenly everything goes from a successful growth mode to zero dollars coming in, you have to stand back and re-evaluate. I’m not talking about just our website and media business, I am talking about theaters shutting down and disappearing quietly, I am talking about theatre artists I’ve known for years leaving town and giving up, about businesses relying on theatre audiences vanishing forever. It’s been a tough few months for many in the theatre industry in New York City, and, let’s not forget, all other industries.

The type of theatre that LocalTheatreNY has covered for close to 15 years is not anything like Broadway. Off Broadway, Community Theatre, Off-Off, independents, and Theatre Festivals exist with very little government funding, donations, and income from audiences. Some of the folks I’ve worked with throughout the years barely survive in a strong economy, some lose money and still forge forward because the love of the art. What happened in 2020 will have negative lasting effects on the industry for years to come.

Theatre itself, as a business model, will also change dramatically. At the point that I write this, December of 2020, we are headed to yet another second wave of Covid. Theatre creators have already shifted gears and started producing theatre using Zoom, and video, and other less risky, safer forms of theatre. Recently, I asked two Broadway producing friends when they thought Broadway would realistically return. They said maybe by late 2021. Crazy. But, we are resilient.

At LocalTheatreNY.com, we have always thought of some expansion, but there was enough happening right here in New York to keep us busy. Not anymore…for now, anyway. And certainly not enough to support a site like ours. Advertising bottomed out and the people producing just don’t have the budgets to support ad campaigns and keep us afloat with the same business model. So we too have to be resilient… and forward thinking.

LocalTheatreUSA.com will evolve into a different media website. For now, what we know is that theatre still exists, it exists in many cities and states throughout the country, often in places we never realized. It exists in communities that hunger for live or any form of live theatre, and we are going to find them.

Our mission is still to promote theatre, but now our scope is larger. Stories about how others are creating theatre in different parts of the country will amaze and inspire us.

Our parent company (Alliance Media & Communications) will also change. Right before the quarantine, we were doing publicity and PR for our clients, we offered advertising and marketing, and we were even growing our production capabilities with several shows on track for OB and touring. All of that will change in the coming months. Right now we are producing three site-specific video productions of original short plays which we will launch beginning soon. It’s an exciting “pivot,” but one that is necessary.

We will still work to promote your shows. But for now, we will offer free banners to any company producing free access to their shows. Our linked banners for now will be offered to everyone else for as little as $49 for up to 4 weeks. This will be launched within a week!

We are now producing more that ever, and will soon launch a production plan to get the work of playwrights on zoom, on video, even in short filmic productions. Look for that.

And very exiting news for producers of short films, monologues, web series, and other formats we’ve never really covered on the site. Starting in early 2021, we will be launching ShowsPlusMore.com to help promote more than just theatre. The site will be a hub for every type of independent entertainment possible. Artists will need to comeback strong, and we want to be there to help them!

Thanks for being a friend of LocalTheatreNY.com and for continuing with LocalTheatreUSA.com. We are here for you because we know you have been here for us!

Much more to come!

Stay safe and healthy, and be positive.

Roger Gonzalez,

Editor | Publisher |President

Alliance Media & Communications.






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