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LADY CAPULET Virtual Tour at Goddard’s WHAM Festival and CreateTheater for Women’s Voices Month

After an initial 2019 run in New York City’s Central Park, LADY CAPULET performances move to a virtual tour, stopping at Goddard Riverside’s 6th Annual WHAM! Festival beginning March 25 at 7pm, followed by a live talkback with cast and creatives, and streaming through March 31 on the Goddard YouTube channel and on CreateTheater March 29-30 for its Women’s Voices Month.

Nominated for “Most Memorable Modern Updates & Adaptations of 2020” by New York Shakespeare, LADY CAPULET follows the journey of Rose from country girl to matriarch, navigating her repression and power in 16th century Verona when family, social status, and gender determine everything.

Tantalizing…juicy” says, and Time Out said: “Melissa Bell reimagines the life of Juliet’s mother in the years before the events of Romeo & Juliet in this classical prequel.” “…so damn good…Riveting…I’ve never been so moved in my life…” says Eva Heinemann, HI! Drama/YouTube.

Original music composed by GRAHAM RUSSELL of AIR SUPPLY, who sees LADY CAPULET as “a great bridge to bringing people into Shakespeare.” Of the virtual performance, the award-winning hitmaking songwriter of All Out of Love and Lost in Love said, “I loved it, fantastic; I was glued to the screen.”

The LADY CAPULET virtual tour began January 28 at the Norwalk Library: "Bravo! Barefoot Shakespeare Company & CreateTheater! Norwalk residents were thrilled to have the theater in their own homes in Connecticut via Zoom! Thank you!"

Featuring the originating cast, the title role of Rose Capulet is played by Jianzi Colón-Soto, recently seen as young Sonia Sotomayor on stage & digital remount in Atlantic Theatre’s SHE PERSISTED, based on the stories by Chelsea Clinton. Andrew Dunn, a member of Infinite Variety Productions (DISPLEYST on YouTube, NELLIE & THE WOMEN OF BLACKWELL) plays Lord Capulet. Preston Fox (WOLFPACK/NYC Fringe) plays Lord Montague/Tybalt; Jefferson Reardon (Co-creator, star, and producer of Sci-fi anthology PROSLOGION--London Lift-Off Film Festival 2020 Finalist) plays Lucio. Marlena Holman (MARY STUART/Pigeonholed) as The Nurse. Heather Sawyer (Atlantic’s SHE PERSISTED and THE BIG ONE-O) appears as The Prince and reads Stage Directions.

LADY CAPULET, a 2017 Henley Rose Playwriting Competition Finalist, was written by Melissa Bell (Honored Finalist 2019 Women in the Arts & Media Collaboration Award) and is directed by Emily Gallagher, Founder and Artistic Director of Barefoot Shakespeare Company. LADY CAPULET is a co-production of Barefoot Shakespeare Company and CreateTheater, an online theatre company founded by producer Cate Cammarata.


LADY CAPULET at WHAM! Festival: March 25 at 7pm, and streaming anytime through March 31: RSVP at Eventbrite: WHAM2021 LADY CAPULET

There is a suggested $10 donation, however, audience members may contribute any amount. All proceeds raised by Goddard Community Arts will go toward supporting its Performing Arts Conservatory summer program, which serves children 8-14 from the community. For more information on WHAM! (Women’s History Artist Month) at Goddard go to

For tickets to CreateTheater March 29-30 at 7pm, please email:





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