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The Story Behind "Paris: The Show" at Town Hall

Gil Marsalla and Directo Productions are bringing French music to New York City's Town Hall this coming October 17th and you'll have just one chance to catch before it moves on.

PARIS: The Show! is a spectacular evening of vibrant French music in a tribute to the fabulous French songs of the post-war era, with an effort to replicate and share the charm and essence that made these songs so memorable. Performed in French by an all-star international cast, PARIS: The Show tells the story of Françoise ( Stéphanie Impoco) a young girl who dreams of becoming a famous artist in PARIS, as she arrives in Montmartre. On her journey, she’ll cross paths with EDITH PIAF (Anne Carrere) , and will become her friend, her confidante, and her soul mate. Françoise will find love in the person of Charles Aznavour (Jules Grison) , a young singer living in Pigalle. A romance will blossom between them in a city where love conquers all!

After the success of “Piaf ! The Show” at Carnegie Hall Jan 7, 2017, Gil Marsalla created the touring show. Along with some of his cast, Mr. Marsalla takes a moment to talk with about his return to the Big Apple. Here is what they had to say about this triumphant return. What inspired you to bring this great line-up of music to New York, and particularly to tour in so many major cities?

Gil Marsalla: There has been a distinctive French "cabaret" style since end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, exemplified by such famous places as the Moulin Rouge, the Lido, etc. It’s an aspect of French culture which is world famous, but until recently, if you wanted to experience it fully, you had to come to Paris ! In 2009, while travelling a lot, I sensed a real hunger from audiences all over the world, especially from the US, to hear the classic French songs of the 20th Century, songs made famous by great artists like Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Yves Montand... So I decided to produce French cabaret shows and tour them internationally. After several years of touring and producing more than 700 concerts worldwide, I'm considered as the leading producer of this kind of work, that he have opened up a huge market for this beloved material. How are the songs and music selected? What sort of mood or feeling are you hoping to build with the evening's performances? I selected the best french songs really famous all over the world from french music to tell a story of love in Montmartre, Paris. I want to transport audience one night in Paris each evening. What other works or productions are you working on for the near future? What does the near future hold for PARIS! The Show? Gil Marsalla: It is an ever expanding vogue, one which grew each year as I created first "Paris ! The Show," then " Piaf! The Show," in 2017, "Formidable Aznavour", in 2019, Piaf Symphonique and Douce France, all five of these shows will tour worldwide for the very first time this year. I’m is very proud to continue and preserve my native country's musical heritage, and to have spearheaded the renewal of French Cabaret by bringing it to audiences all over the globe. Concerning Paris! The Show, we’ll make a West coast tour of major cities, March 2020 and 2021. Tell us, what is it like touring in a show like this? What's your favorite part of the evening? Do you have a favorite song or moment in the show? Anne Carrere: It’s an amazing experience as we touring all over the world with our heritage music songs from France. We had so many moment of fun and music altogether on stage, and touring with this show, that it became a dream come true… especially when you come to perform in New York City . A favorite song, of course, is La Vie En Rose. During this song all audiences in the US speak french as they know the lyrics! How have the audiences reacted? Any special moment or "audience moment" you would like to share? Jules Grison: Audience reactions are amazing. We can see in their eyes that they know all songs even if they don’t speak any words in French... it's very funny. Special moments happen when we’ll take one person in audience to play with us, a French love game, but you’ll need to come to see the show to play to the game. What is it about these French songs that make them special? Stéphanie Impoco: Audiences love (the) feeling that French music give them... nostalgia, love. (It) reminds them of all those good moments spent (at) holidays in France. It’s always a perfect evening spent in Paris that you’ll (have) if you come to see the show. What do you hope audiences will feel after the show? What emotions or conversations do you hope to evoke them? Anne Carrere: We definitively love to meet the audience after the show...this is a great moment when we can share our emotions with them, especially in USA as they don’t see a lot of shows performed in French. Generally, hey are completely impressed with the show, and filled with the emotions that our music has brought them.

Tickets are available at a special last minute discounted offer. Select Orchestra seats are 30% off with promo code AMOUR (Ticketmaster fees apply online but not in person at The Town Hall Box Office) Reg Price $80 + $2 facility fee = $56 + $2.

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