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FRANKENSTEIN at Off-Broadway's St. Luke's Theater Gets Extended.

FRANKENSTEIN, the musical by Eric B. Sirota, is enjoying its one year-plus success with yet another extension at the Off-Broadway, St. Luke’s Theater in Times Square. The show has now been extended 3 times since its debut.

Presented by Off-Broadway Producer, John Lant, Tamra Pica, and Write Act Repertory, FRANKENSTEIN, is a sweeping, two-act, romantic musical about the human need for love and companionship. Based on the original novel published in 1818 by Mary Shelley, which recently celebrated its bicentennial, the musical honors its source material and has received rave reviews during its time at St. Luke’s Theater. The show runs every Monday at 7:00pm. We caught up with the playwright to ask him a few questions about the success of the musical, and the new extended run.

LocalTheatreNY: You’ve had a remarkable run, with more than one extension. How does that make you feel?

Eric B. Sirota: I feel great about it! Passing the theatre on the way somewhere else, I looked up at the billboard and realized that my name has been up there, a block from Times Square, for well over a year now! And why do you think it is about the production that has made it popular? Frankenstein is a story as important today as when Mary Shelley first wrote her novel, and this musical is a compelling adaptation that can stand on its own as a contemporary work of musical theatre.

LocalTheatreNY: How do you personally feel about the play itself a year-plus later? Have there been changes in the material, or will the material change further?

Eric B. Sirota: I made a number of revisions too early in the run and then after the first couple of extensions....and every once in a while, a word or two. And with the most recent extension some changes and improvements to the staging, lighting, effects, costumes etc ... by the other members of the creative team. Most exciting is that I have added a cello part to the piano score, which will be put in within the next few weeks.

LocalTheatreNY: What moment during the run has really stood out for you, something that really touched you?

Eric B. Sirota: The first anniversary, when the show had been running for a year! And the original cast came back to see the show.

LocalTheatreNY: What kind of feedback or comments from audiences have you received that really resonated with you?

Eric B. Sirota: There were many people who never read Frankenstein, and found my musical so compelling that they now wanted to read the novel. And, on opening night, when my brother told me that my parents (who had both recently passed away) would be proud of me.

LocalTheatreNY: What in the future for this musical?

Eric B. Sirota: Keep running. Hopefully licensing and productions in other places. What’s next? This month I’m going to have the first staged reading of my new musical, “Go, My Child” -Leaving one’s parents, infertility and the search for truth, set against a background of xenophobia; 3000 years ago, but particularly relevant today where “fear of the other” easily translates into hatred; yet we strive to be a society that loves the stranger.

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