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NYC's NOREE Performing Arts Announces 2017 PLAYSCAPE

The Fall season is here and with it, this year's 2017 PLAYSCAPE, a multidisciplinary arts performance of contemporary music and dance presented by NOREE Performing Arts, one night only, Saturday, November 4th at 7:30PM. PLAYSCAPE will be presented at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center on 60th Street in Manhattan (248 W 60th).

Playscape is an annual performance series designed to serve as a venue in which artists of diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds meet to collaborate, and share their artistic visions. Playscape offers an opportunity for participants to share new works, and receive informative feedback in a supportive environment. Playscape exemplifies Noree Performing Arts’s mission of establishing cultural, artistic, and educational exchanges with its community. Noree Performing Arts invites its audiences to look into the insights, expressions, and interpretations of the artists who reside with them in the same time and space—today’s New York City.

Founded in New York City in 2014, Noree Performing Arts (NPA), led by Eun Sung Lee (Artist Director & choreographer) and Yoon Lee (Music Director), is a group of Korean artists with diverse music and dance trainings, including traditional Korean dance, ballet, modern, and contemporary dance.

"Noree" is a Korean word translated variously as play, games, amusement, entertainment and recreation. Noree is a basic part of human nature, a universal language that every culture shares and appreciates. The artists involved in this annual project seek to share the concept of Noree through their dance and music performance.

NPA works are interdisciplinary in nature, combining theater, music, and dance as well as a mix of Western and Korean dance styles. Noree Performing Arts is committed to social outreach, presenting and sharing Korean traditional arts with its school outreach programs. striving to explore imaginative, fantastic, and realistic aspects of social awareness, targeting a diverse New York audience, culminating in exuberant performances for the global community, transcending cultural and ethnic boundaries through NPA’s unique works, its mission is to establish a cultural, artistic, and educational exchange between the communities of the United States and Korea.

New Compositions this time around by Alexander Rex Burtzos, Composer

"Supersymmetry"; Emily Kessler & Artists, Emily Kessler, Choreographer

"Where does loss go"; 4th Sun Dance Company, Henry McCall, Artistic Director & Choreographer

"A Line Between Two Points"; HUI Dance House, Guanglei Hui & Yahui Lu, Choreographers

"Seeing Each Other"; Awaken Dance Theater, Rebekka Nodhturft, Artistic Director & Choreographer; Korean Style Drum, NY Korean Traditional Marching Band, Music and Dance by Noree Performing Arts

Tickets are now on sale. Visit their site: or Admission: $20 (Students & Senior: $15, Group: $13) Inquiry:






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