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Restoration Period Type Comedy Playing at American Theatre of Actors

Res·to·ra·tion com·e·dy (noun) ~ a style of drama that flourished in London after the Restoration in 1660, typically having a complicated plot marked by wit, cynicism, and licentiousness. (And just in case you need a definition for "Licentiousness," it means promiscuous and unprincipled in sexual matters.

Got that?

Now let's talk about "Any Which Way Thou Wouldst Have It," a new comedy written in the aforementioned restoration style, and described by its author, George Rady, as "An A Morality Play That's Undeniably Gay" done in the restoration style. The Actor's Equity Approved Showcase now playing ATA is directed by Joan Kane (member SDC) and produced by Medallion Theatrical Productions and marks its first full, New York production. It features a cast of characters that you will simply never forget. Characters like Lord Harry Hackensack, Priscilla Promise-To-Be-Good, Captain Rodger Rough-Trade, Sir Thomas to-good-to-be-True, Groppo, Lord Harry Hackensack's Personal Trainer.

As for the creator of this work, Mr. Rady is a tall man who looks nothing like the main character of the play, Lord Harry. When he transorms from the business like persona with a fedora that you first encounter into the flamboyant Lord Harry, all bets are off. If George Rady is funny, engaging, and quick witted, Lord Harry is ten times that.

The story is that when Lord Harry Hackensack's salacious afternoon diversions are interrupted by a visit from Madame Matriarch, a devious plot is put into play to quickly wed Young Thomas and Miss Gwendolyn so both youngsters will lose their inheritence and each other. To be sure the gossip gets out, Lord Harry invites the press "off the record", along with a questionable "Captain" Roger to perform the ceremony. Roger and Gwendolyn's "maid" of honor, Priscilla have instant chemistry and hilarity ensues. But once married and penniless, what will become of the idealistic couple? And who will end up with the inheritance? In a plot that whirls every character into a tangled intrigue of sex, gender, matrimony, and parentage, which way will it all end up?

True to the nature of this type of theatre, it promises to be an unforgettable evening beginning June 30th and running until July 23rd with Friday, Saturday evening performances at 8PM and Saturday and Sunday Matinees at 3PM at the American Theatre for Actors John Cullum Theatre, 314 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019, 2nd Floor.

Tickets are now available online at: or visit the website at:

The theater is handicap accessible. This is an AEA Approved Showcase.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, Meet Joan Kane (Member SDC), the director of "Any Which Way Thou Wouldst Have It"

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