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Much Awaited MISS JULIA Opens at La MaMa Experimental Theatre June 8th.

In rural Colombia on Midsummer Eve, Miss Julia and her servant Juan have a forbidden encounter. As Juan tries to rise from his servile life, Miss Julia tries to escape the bonds of her meaningless upper-class existence.The resulting power play of love, lust and class struggle becomes a dangerous battle that veers violently out of control. This bilingual production, performed in English and Spanish, is a clash of cultures, a dance of death combining powerful physicality, naturalistic text and live music making Strindberg’s text as relevant today as it was 100 years ago.

La MaMa Presents “MISS JULIA,” The New York Premiere of The Internationally Acclaimed Bi-Lingual Adaptation of The August Strindberg Classic, “MISS JULIE,” Adapted by J. Ed Arazia,

Directed by Lorenzo Montanini.

A Production of Vueltas Bravas Producciones/Mitchell Productions, Inc. June 8-25, 2017 ~ First Floor Theatre, 74A East 4th St, New York NY 10003

La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, celebrating 55 years, proudly presents “MISS JULIA,” a bi-lingual (English and Spanish) adaptation and New York Premiere of the August Strindberg classic, “Miss Julie.” Adapted by J. Ed Arazia, directed by Lorenzo Montanini, a production of Vueltas Bravas Producciones/Mitchell Productions, Inc.

This new bi-lingual adaptation by SITI Company's J.Ed Araiza brings together 7 artists from 4 different countries, and is an international collaboration between renowned Colombian film and television actor Jhon Alex Toro, Australian theatre artist Tina Mitchell and Colombian actress Gina Jaimes. Music is by US violinist Helen Yee and percussionist Martin Vejarano, and is directed by Italian Stage Director Lorenzo Montanini.

International reviewers are glowing:

Miss Julia is a captivating show from the very beginning when we are invited to take part in the celebration, to dance and sing music from our traditions. The mixture of languages is fascinating, not only for how they sound but also for the impact they have on the story, for how they help us understand the identity of the characters. We don’t struggle to follow the action and everything is a delight for our eyes and ears.” Il Pickwick, Napoli

The intelligence, and at the same time the extreme precision and articulation of the staging of Miss Julia.... pinpoints the essence of the famous one-act play by Strindberg... the action - softens endlessly into abstraction and formalization. 'Miss Julia' is one of the high peaks of this 8th edition of the Napoli Teatro Festival.

Il Mattino, Napoli.

The entire discourse, and the themes within it, is developed through staging that maintains perfect rhythms, cues, speed, pauses and the use of body language to create not only images but also tonality and superb storytelling. These elements intersect and meld perfectly together with the narrated words.”,Napoli

Additional reviews are available here:

“MISS JULIA” will open June 8th and run until June 25th at First Floor Theatre, 74A East 4th St, New York NY 10003.

The show runs Thursdays - Saturdays at 7:30pm, Sundays at 2:00pm.

Tickets for MISS JULIA are $25 for adults, $20 for students and seniors with ten tickets priced at $10 each available for every performance, in advance only.

Tickets are available online at: or by calling OvationTix at 212-352-3101.

The production will feature costumes by Aidan Martinez, lighting design by Mike Ralston, set and graphic design by Andrew Thurman, assistant director is Agustin Scuoteguazza, and producing assistant is Terence MacSweeny.





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