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Bone on Bone Is A Must-See For Couples!

Real life couple Stephanie Karpell  and Mike Folie as Linda and Jonathan.

(Updated from its original post)

Marylou DiPietro has teamed up with director Kim T. Sharp to create a very entertaining and surprisingly insightful and funny production of her new play, “Bone on Bone,” at the Manhattan Rep Theatre and the biggest shame of all is that’s its already sold out. That said, keep an eye out for some new dates in December (see below) and go see it. Take your spouse, loved one or significant other because this play presents some interesting themes and issues that will connect with anyone who is in a committed relationship or is even thinking of being in one.

The play, which is only 45 minutes and still very much a work in progress is memorable in its short form and if this work is any indication of what a longer version can be, I strongly urge her to continue writing (or perhaps it is just perfect as is). You decide.

Ms. DiPietro and director Kim Sharp did themselves a favor in casting two excellent veteran actors in Mike Folie and Stephanie Karpell as a husband and wife facing a crossroads in their 35 year marriage. Within seconds, the audience has a very clear feeling of where this story might be headed and an even clearer picture of these two characters, their state of mind, perhaps complacency, and place in their marriage. They immediately come to life on stage and you couldn’t ask for more! There are long moments of silence that are gold and convey so much that when they finally say something, the impact of their words are so much richer. Director Kim Sharp did a wonderful job creating a real moment and space in time with a very bare set and adding nothing more than solid direction and acting to very good dialogue. DiPietro is a wonderful playwright that know hows to craft language in a way that is simple, real and meaningful. The play has some very funny moments that go far to illustrate the reality of long-term relationships and modern marriage. But the material is subtle in the way it delves into the subject of self-fulfillment.

Jonathan and Linda are in their sixties, have long ago chosen not to have children and are seemingly a happily married couple. But as an artist ,Linda is clearly unhappy, that is until an old colleague resurfaces and offers her the opportunity of a life time. The only hitch: the job is outside New York City and she can only fulfill that dream if both her and Jonathan move or if they try a long-distance marriage. What would you do?

The play is running at the new Manhattan Rep Theatre location, on 17 W 45th St #301, New York, NY 10046. To followup on new dates (if they happen), visit their site at

Addendum: as of the publishing of this review, a new date has been added on December 8th at 630PM. Here is another great chance to see “Bone on Bone!” Visit the above link for tickets.





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