FRANKENSTEIN A New Musical: A Visually Dazzling New Twist at Player's Theatre.

BeBold! Productions' new Off Broadway musical, "Frankenstein a new Musical," now playing at The Players Theatre on MacDougal Street in the village is a surprisingly visually stimulating play that takes a fresh new twist on the Mary Shelley classic and offers up an entertaining evening of theatre.

To do so much with so little space in this classic, but far from modern space, is a testament to creativity and ingenuity. If theatre is a feast of the senses, then the lighting and sound (and beautiful music and score) alone is worth the price of admission. Illusion consultant Max Darwin, Scenic designers Michelle Lynch and Elizabeth Chaney, and Lighting Designer Ali Hall all deserve kudos and some award. Combined they take a relatively small space and give it life, depth, color, emotion and texture comparable to something you might see in a big budget production. The costumes and makeup are equally exceptional and the Monster is great fun to watch. If I were him, I walk the streets late at night just for the fun of it! How cool was this show!

The story tackles the Frankenstein tale from the point of view of Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Eric Fletcher) telling his tale to the Captain of a ship stuck in icy waters in the Artic (sound somewhat familiar?). As the tale is told, Victor Frankenstein drifts back and forth from the story-telling to the actual moments, interacting with each character as the moment happens. It's effective, powerful and cleanly directed by Brenda Bell who knows this space probably better than anyone else.

The material and play in general feels fresh and I felt like I was watching this story (which I've now enjoyed in about two dozen variations) for the first time. Bravo to Bell.

Michael Sgouros music and Bells lyrics are also a refreshing and fun aspect of seeing a Be Bold production at this venue. If you have not enjoyed their work, you should. A small orchestra consisting of mostly percussion instruments and a cello have a haunting and beautiful feel that fits perfectly with this tale of horror. Everytime I see one of their musicals I am amazed out how effectively their musical work captures the feel of the narrative. In terms of vocals, this cast is excellent, each in their own holds the story in place, but I personally and absolutely love the vocal style.of Kyle Hughes (Elizabeth). She is a pleasure to hear sing. Jonathan Rion Bethea as the monster has a beautiful and memorable number (My Eve) which is perfect.

You really won't see musicals like these anywhere in the city, so if you have a chance the show runs until the 13th of November at The Players Theatre at 115 MacDougal Street. Click here for tickets:

The shows start at 7PM and run for about 90-minutes, allowing for a fun evening in the village after the show!





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