Renzo charms his audience 13th Street Repertory Theatre

Renzo is a magician. Actually he is also (and more so) a mentalist.

Performing his one-man show at the 13th Street Playhouse, he shares his life story and recollections of growing up with a passion for “magic” and illusion as he demonstrates what he has learned. The show, which seemed a little out place at this small, intimate venue actually is intended more as theatre and story telling than your typical magic show. But its a little bit of both. What really sells it is Renzo himself. He’s likable, he’s down to earth, charismatic and he seems to be enjoying himself. Onstage, he teases the girls and chums up to the guys, making everyone feel like old friends as he brings audience members up to the stage to see his tricks up close and serve witness to his trickery. It’s great fun and that’s where the charm of “The TRUTH BEHIND THE LIE” really grabs you. Its almost as if the theater is his own blackbox living room and your invited.

Renzo doesn’t waste any time. From the start, his team has you looking for a cup under your seat that has some sheets for you to fill out. Renzo will use these sheets of paper later in the show to guess things that will leave you a bit surprised. It’s clever, it’s different and its all in good fun.

Act two was a little shorter and not as packed with surprises as act one and that was a bit off balance, I felt. In reality it could easily be a 90-minute show with no intermission and be just as enjoyable. I loved that he stuck around to mingle after the show which to me proves this guy is a people person. I hope he takes this show a little further since this is a very limited run.

The show, which is produced in part by the Creative Coalition and RM productions was packed with a mix of musicians, magicians and celebrities…and, of course, some tourists. It was produced by Gianna Palminteri and Michele Bell. Gianna is wife to actor Chazz Palminteri, creator of “A Bronx Tale” which will soon hit Broadway in November as a new musical.

For more information about Renzo and future performances, visit http://misterrenzo.com





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