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Pick up to 2 events you want to promote from your company. It doesn't matter when the event is in 2021, you just need to get us the banners by MAY 31st.


Acceptable events include any show (virtually or live) that you choose. It can be Theatre, Music, Dance, Workshops, Class, Webseries, Short or Indy film. Any Genre or type will be considered.


Main Banner on the site needs to be 5X4 ratio, horizontal. The ideal size is 500 Pixels wide X 400 Pixels high. JPG, PNG, hi res (300dpi) - Include your URL link


We also encourage you to submit an Instagram banner (Square 500X500. We will only promote Square banners. We will share these "Shoutouts" with our various FB groups and on our FB Page.


We will publish your Press Release/Announcement on our site, and also share it on our Social Media Platforms. 


Lead time to publish on the site must be at least 1-2 weeks ahead of the start of planned event. Any last minute submissions may still be eligible for a SHOUT OUT on Social Media. 


The last thing we ask that you Share our site and your article widely. We want to be seen and so do you. please join our MAILING LIST and encourage others in your circle to do so. Here is the LINK:

Get FREE Ads for a 

Limited Time Only. 

√ NO strings | No commitments

√ All you need to do is email us.

√ Simple Process described on left column.

√ More than 65k reach when email newsletter begins sending.

√ just help us get the word out about our new site and broader purpose.

√ Join our mailing list (your choice):

email banners to

Questions: Roger at 646-285-3033

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In case you are curious as to our various Platfoms.

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