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Beginning August 26th, through September 16th, Theater for the New City will present a lineup of wide-ranging and original theatrical visions embracing drama, poetry, music, and dance. Dream Up Festival will consist of performing artists representing theater and performance companies in our theater complex in downtown New York. In 2010, the inaugural Dream Up Festival offered 25 shows consisting of 23 World Premieres and 2 American Premieres.

With its Dream Up Festival, Theater for the New City (TNC), which customarily presents new work by local artists, opens itself up to theater from the country at large and to artists from overseas. Its founders, Crystal Field and Michael Scott-Price, feel this is especially needed now in a time of declining donations to the arts, grants not being awarded due to market conditions, and arts funding cuts on almost every level all across the country and abroad.





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Adam & Brian


September 12 - 16


Apes at Play

Community Theater

August 26 - September 3

Arizona Justice

Cabaret Theater

August 26 - September 5


A Case Study of People with Labels: Meeks and Minorities

Community Theater

Saturday - September 1 - 6



Community Theater

August 27 - September 4



Carrie Robbins (Playwright)

Joseph R. Sicari (Director)

A lone dragon, millenia old, last of his kind on earth, fire-breathing capacities down to barely a puff, lives in a burned-out volcano. He is Griswynd. The Humans have damaged Earth beyond repair, and those who could, have fled to a new planet, which they’ve named EarthAgain. Unbeknownst to Griswynd, there is a second creature hovering in the shadows of the Dragon’s Lair. T22EA-M (Tech 22 Explorer Android-Male), also known as “Frank,” is there studying the behavior of The Last Dragon on Earth. Suddenly in the sky, a silver orb chugs into view. The vehicle lands on a nearby hillock. T22EA-F (Tech 22 Explorer Android-Female), also known as “Marcia,” appears from the ship. She’s come to get souvenir snapshots and to escort her fellow android back to EarthAgain. Griswynd, desperately lonely, wants to go with them, but they refuse to take him. Indelicately, the toned androids tell him he’s “too big;” their vehicle just won’t accommodate him. Griswynd attempts to prolong their stay. He proposes a game of Chess: “The Game of Kings and Dragons.” He recites a story written in “Dragonich” (Iambic Octameter). Each attempt intrigues the Robots. But nothing convinces them to stay or to take the old Dragon with them. In a rare moment of Android compassion, they offer to clone his D.N.A as a curiosity for the repatriated Earthlings. Rejected, Griswynd refuses the cloning and wishes his mechanical guests a safe trip back to their new home. Once again, Griswynd is alone. He retrieves an ancient diary he’s been keeping. What unfolds in Dragon Griswynd’s diary entry are the private musings of a once-powerful being now facing mortality: his own and his beloved Earth’s. “The Dragon Griswynd” is a sly, playful, and poignant meditation on loss and loneliness … the loneliness that comes with old age, the loss that comes with old fangs and weak wings. And the loss of a “planetful” of cultures, artifacts of which Griswynd has packed up to take with him. But there’s also the surprising optimism inherent in “Dragon DNA,” an indomitable uncrushable spirit. (Check out any octogenarian you know. You’ll see.)

Cast: Charles TurnerJenne Vath a.k.a. Marcia, Steven Hauck a.k.a. Frank, Robert Meksin (Voice Over)

Composer, Overture: Scott Munson.


Community Theater


Thursday September 6 at 6:30pm

Saturday September 8 at 3:30pm

Saturday September 8 at 8pm

Wednesday September 12 at 6:30pm

Friday September 14 at 9pm

Saturday September 15 at 3:30pm

Saturday - September 15 at 8pm

Sunday - September 16 at 3:30pm



For (give) Me

Johnson Theater

September 5 - 9


Girl Inside The Mirror

Johnson Theater

Thursday - September 6 - 15



Johnson Theater

August 26 - September 4



Cabaret Theater

August 31 - September 13


Lucinda and the Wolves

Cabaret Theater

September 15 - 16



Cabaret Theater

September 6 - 14


Moving Bodies

Community Theater

August 26 - September 16 - 2pm 


My name is not actually maria

Johnson Theater

August 26 - September 11


Occasionally Nothing

Johnson Theater

September 8 - 16


The Ones Upstairs

Community Theater

August 28 - September 2


Pretty Babies

Johnson Theater

September 2 - 11


The Rounds

Cabaret Theater

Showtimes: August 26 - September 9


Single Dead Female

Cabaret Theater

August 26 - September 16




Hamza Zaman (Playwright)

Michael Whitney (Director)

Seth Burrell (Producer)

Brought to you by the creative team behind "Fresh Meat" and "Redemption", Playwright Hamza Zaman delves into the seminal age of "Sixteen" when all of life is seemingly a puzzle - the more so when you are arrested. Directed by Michael Whitney, produced by Seth Burrell and with an all star cast, this experimental dramedy wades into the thickets of juvenile justice reform and asks the question: Is sixteen old enough to be an adult?



David Hilfstein, Rachel Lepore, Morgan Smith, Michael Doliner, Emily Featherman, Phil Schneider, Sabrina Aziz, Alfred Kemp, Melody Ladd, Michael Carbone, 
Oghie Gbaje, Andrea Peterson

Cabaret Theatre


Sunday - August 26 - 8pm 
Monday - August 27 - 9pm 
Wednesday - August 29 - 6:30pm 
Saturday - September 1 - 3:30pm 
Sunday - September 2 - 2pm 
Monday - September 3 - 9pm 
Tuesday - September 4 - 9pm 
Sunday - September 9 - 5pm 


Learn more about Sixteen. CLICK HERE


Sleep F$@cking: Revision

Johnson Theater

August 26 - September 4


The Torso

Cabaret Theater

September 6 - 16 



Johnson Theater

August 26 - September 2 


Two Men Walk Into a Bar

Community Theater

September 9 - 16 


Wild Orchids/Rosary Hill

Heather J. Violanti (Playwright)

Jennifer Sandella (Director)

This is a double bill of two short plays, Wild Orchids and Rosary Hill. Wild Orchids is a film noir-eque, feminist, and fictional take on 1940’s Hollywood, where a secretary has a chance encounter with William Faulkner that changes both their lives…or maybe not. In Rosary Hill, two gentle nuns tend to their garden in upstate New York, only they may not be all that they seem.


Cast includes Michael Gnat* and Autumn Mirassou, Valerie O’Hara, and Joe Raik 
*Michael Gnat appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association
Wild Orchids/Rosary Hill is an Equity-approved showcase.


Cabaret Theater


Monday - September 10 at 9pm

Tuesday - September 11 at 6:30pm

Wednesday- September 12 at 9pm

Saturday - September 15 at 2pm

Sunday - September 16 at 5pm





The Wrong Box

Community Theater


September 1 - 16 


You Don't Know How it Feels

Kelley Blessing (Playwright)

Traci Timmons (Director)

Who can you turn to when trust is betrayed? Dena and her friends love Mr. McCoe, he is the coolest.  After Dena’s sister dies, he listens, helps her bring up her grades and prepare to try out for the basketball team.  He manipulates the power dynamic so that family, friends, teachers and school administration are not aware of the dark turn their relationship takes. This is a forthright and caring exploration of a young woman’s story reminding us how important it is to pay attention.

An honest, daring look at a student who is sexually assaulted by her teacher.  We hope to further the dialogue that will help end the stigma surrounding this crucial issue.  As the recent #metoo campaign illustrates, almost every woman has a story involving sexual harassment or abuse of some kind.  Stories from schools and churches around the country continue to come to light, making this topic as relevant as it ever was. 

This play contains sexual violence, assault and abuse.  It is not suitable for children under the age of sixteen.


Cabaret Theater



Wednesday - August 29 at 9pm

Sunday - September 2 at 5pm

Saturday- September 8 at 8pm

Sunday - September 9 at 3:30pm 

Monday - September 10 at 6:30pm

Saturday - September 15 at 8pm



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