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Dear LTNY Subscribers & Followers:


During the Covid-19 crises we are rethinking our business and how to best serve you.


Theatre, especially in the New York Tri-state area, has transitioned into a virtual format with the anticipation that eventually live theatre will return, probably not until 2021.  Right now, special attention is being given to the safety of both the live audiences attending these performances, as well as the talent creating them.  The dates leading to this return to live productions remain vague. The Broadway League is looking at a realistic time frame that's expected to be around January of 2021 for Broadway shows. We anticipate that the Off-Broadway community is most likely going to follow suit, as will OOB, many theatre festivals, and amateur theatre companies. Again, it is difficult to be precise given that so many variables are in play, from unions to government, unpredictable circumstances, the economy, and more. As we learn more, we will report more.

At, we have decided that the safety and well-being of our readers, viewers, followers, subscribers, and clients are paramount. We encourage safety precautions as recommended by city and state officials, and hope that you remain healthy and positive in the months to come. As such, we will continue to support the work of the many artists out there, and encourage the industry to submit articles, promotional banners offering free readings and presentations during this crisis, free classes and workshops, announcements, and any other services that are completely free to audiences. We will publish as many as we can (given a 2-week window and at the discretion of the editor) also for free on this site and on our social media platforms. Events and workshops charging any amount will be required to pay a reduced advertising fee.  We don't encourage the purchase of any service listed on this site without you - the buyer - carefully using caution and awareness. 

If you have a service or event that you are looking to promote and there is no charge to participate, please email me directly at, or call me at 646-285-3033. If there are any charges to that service or product, we will also promote it for a minimal fee.  

                                                            Stay safe and healthy.

                                                            Roger Gonzalez

                                                            Editor and Publisher.




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People always wonder about all the things we do in theatre.  Well, welcome to the world of theatre and entertainment! Below I describe some of the things we do, and why we do them! Please click, please SHARE.

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The Story

The story began more than 12 years ago with a discussion on how to create a website. As a publishing professional, editor and publisher, I had worked in print for some time, including companies like USA Today, El Diario La Prensa, Time Out New York and AARP media to name a few, but had never created a blog or website. I knew the time had come.


Because of my love for theatre, it made perfect sense to create a site promoting the abundance of theatre in the New York area outside of the already well-covered Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. At the time, there were a few little known blogs covering community theatre but nothing like what was to become. A few "indy-centric sites did cover festivals and some Off-Off Broadway, but it was mostly reviews. We wanted to go deeper with interviews, stories and lots of opportunities to promote local events and theatre.

We began with simple listings amd eventually there was a tidal wave of interest. Soon there was video, stories, local listings by borough, schools, Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, Theatre Festivals, Community Theatre, Performing Arts Centers, and hundreds of independent and limited engagement productions. And, yes, even Broadway and Off Broadway began showing interest. Today we still offer all of that, but better than anyone else! Our following has not only grown over the years, it has remained faithful and dedicated to the idea that theatre lives everywhere. That's why we are "Where Theatre Lives!"

One big surprise in the development of our site is how many "industry insiders" began to follow us and work with us. In addition to reaching thousands of local theatre-goers, our reach within the acting and production communities in the New York area also began to grow. We now reach thousands of playwrights, producers, directors, artistic directors, venue managers, techies, actors and more. Our presence in social media has certainly helped. Over the years, we invested time and energy and worked closely with these folks. We've since worked as consultants and advisors to many theatre professionals and continue to do so. As such, our business has grown and we now offer everything from photography services, to publicity and PR, to consulting. When there is something our clients need, we are there to help them find it.

Our parent company is Alliance Media & Communications. AMC offers publicity, marketing, PR, and advertising outside of

Theatre Marketing Insights, our blog on marketing ideas for the theatre and arts, is part of our family. If you are in the theatre arts and are looking for ideas and solutions, find us here:

And our newest endeavor is Alliance Media Theatricals, our production and consulting company for those looking to produce their work and see it on the stage! We currently have one show going OB, several headed to OOB, and even some touring shows in the works.

What a wonderful 12 years it has been!

We really hope you enjoy our site. Always let me know what might be missing or how we can make the experience better.

To reach me directly, you can email me at or call me at 646-285-3033. Thats my direct mobile and I will always call you back if I don't immediately answer.

All the best!

Roger Gonzalez,

Editor & Publisher,

President, Alliance Media & Communications.

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